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Tis that special moment once every few months where we have a barrage of news alerts to unveil cuz who the fuck wants to update this shit all the time?!

WE RECORDED A NEW THING: the “Bicker and Breathe” 12″ EP to be released on YoYo Records (Berlin) in October, Rumbletowne Records (Olympia) after we get back from this upcoming tour and yes we will have 200 copies at the goddamn Fest in Gainesville on November 2, 2014.

Bicker and Breathe was recorded by PHIL DOUGLAS with massive assistance by MATTIE CANINO… plus we got CHRIS BAUERMEISTER on bass. It turned out awesome and we’re fucking happy. CARL SAFF mastered that shit and it was literally approved moments ago and is being uploaded to YoYo Recs as I type.
We’ll post art and a song in the upcoming weeks but for now here’s the track listing:

1. 20 Below
2. Goodbyes
3. In Waves
4. The Sound
5. Bicker / Breathe

WE ARE GOING ON TOUR: surprise! We’ll have hard dates soon but we’re playing two shows in New York at the end of September… then touring with Jan/YoYo Recs thru Europe (including Spain!) and the UK for most of October… then playing at the Fest on Nov 2nd.

WE WILL HAVE SHIRTS FOR SALE SOON: Stay tuned if you care about that 🙂

AND A LOCAL SHOW: We’re playing at Branx in Portland,OR this upcoming Saturday, Aug 30. With Cockeye and Lavender Mirror. Here’s an FB event page. And look, there’s a flyer by KEITH HENDERSON, genius illustrator.


AND A FINAL NOTE: That tour that we just did with PROPAGANDHI & WAR ON WOMEN was fucking awesome and inspiring. A powerful reminder to keep speaking up, to continue learning, and to have humor about the broken parts of our world and ourselves. It’s fucking worth it to stay loud.

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