by Dean

4 Responses to Images

  1. Iness says:

    Like your music, lyrics, vocal and all in all. Really deep ideas.
    very good! You are new band for me.
    Thanks! Waiting for more.

  2. taylor says:

    hey guys just a few kind words for you all, You’re music is truly insperational and motivating! Very positive stuff coming from you folks and i couldn’t injoy it anymore then i have been, so keep it up! As well, if you folks ever wanna come back to canada, i would love to organize a show in winnipeg for you folks. All the best!

  3. Jim Jones says:

    I have been listening to you guys daily since a friend turned me on to edge of living. Love the new EP. You have officially hit the over 40 demographic! I am a 42 year old lifelong musician and I have to say that there are very few bands that you just cant’ get enough of from the first listen. You are one of the few. Please never stop. Also – please hit Philadelphia in 2011. Jim

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