Dear People of the Internet:

At the show last night in Rock Island, IL a big ole person plowed through the sparse crowd getting ready to hear Lipstick Homicide, taking out Mattie and breaking his goddamn finger. We weren’t able to play (cuz Mattie was at the hospital) and we won’t be able to play tonight in Minne, either. Milwaukee is up in the air, we’ll update as soon as we know. We are pretty sure Chicago is ON. 

I know this is beginning to sound like a fucking broken record but we are ready for punk to include paying more attention to the people around us. Who is down and ready to get smashed? This is fun when everyone’s into it, and it only takes a second to read a crowd and determine if this group of people wants to get moshed. Especially in a fucking coffee shop with few people and (literal) kids in attendance. 

Ok also, that show was rad and what a fucking loss not to get to play. Big ups to the people that drove multiple hours to be there and who brought their badass children.

Mattie has a messy break on a finger on his right hand. This won’t end our tour but it does mean Mattie has to switch between a splint in the day and “buddy taping” to the next finger while we play for the next weeks. And, doc’s orders, that we need to take at least one rest day to ensure it heals right. 

We are bummed as fuck! Fucking Dishpit and Babe Quest tonight?! In minne with so many friends that we miss and are going to continue missing. 


Anyway. Spread the word, especially if you know anyone who was planning on driving a distance to get there cuz that sucks and this is a last minute announcement. 


Rock on


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