New LP update and T-shirts!


This is what is happening: from today until the 25th you can digitally pre-order the Beauty Between on our bandcamp page (its not up YET but will be later this afternoon). We’re still planning on releasing the whole record on the band camp on feb. 25th and it will be available for free/donation download on the rumbletowne site ( that day TOO.

In two week we will have NEW SHIRTS with lots of color and size choices INCLUDING XL (yes in Pink with Pink Ink) and XXL!!!!!???????!!!!!!!?????!!!!And we’re gonna keep doing mailorder tshirts indefinitely so what the fuck!

And we’re playing some local shows on the 1, 2, 3rd of March in Olympia, Portland and Seattle. Stay tuned for updates.



About rvivr

Olympia, WA Punk Rock.
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