Soft, crisp RVIVR Tees printed by Bird Apartment on USA made,  non-sweatshop Royal Apparel shirts… (<— I linked that so you can check out the sizing/specs)

$15! + postage will get one of these bad bois delivered to your door… throw in a patch for $2!! (or get a patch by itself for $5 in the USA, $7 for the rest of The World)

We have very limited sizes/colors so it’s first come first serve over here. Email us at rvivr@rumbletowne.com with questions and to place your order. We accept paypal.

Shipping is $5.50 in the USA and Canada, $10 to Mexico, $11.60 to Brazil, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, UK, Iceland, Ethiopia, Malaysia, New Zealand…

Your choices are

Small – Black with White Ink  (SOLD OUT!) or White with Black Ink

Medium – (same) Black with White Ink (SOLD OUT) or White with Black Ink

Large – Black with White Ink (already sold out!!) or White with Black Ink AND Pink with Magenta Ink

Alas, no XL or XS this time. Apologies.

(excuse these craigslist-styled photos, its dark in Olympia and I’m the only one home so I’m limited to selfies…)


About rvivr

Olympia, WA Punk Rock.
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