FUUUCCKK! Our shit got stolen!!!!

A frustrating fucking thing happened last night:

Someone came in through the backdoor of PUNKALL (our home in Olympia) and stole a bunch of stuff including Erica’s backpack which had the ENTIRE band fund that we’ve been saving from the past year of touring, about $2000 in cash.

So this is a stretch, but better than nothing: The back pack is small, brown (filson fabric), RELoad brand bag with straps (not a messenger bag). It had a journal (with lots of lyrics for the new record!!), yellow knock off rayban styled sunglasses, a hand sewn wallet and a bunch of other non-valuable but important things.Well, and the band fund which was both valuable AND important.

A small red backpack, a red charvel strat style guitar and a checkered backpack were also stolen.

If you’ve got any leads or want to help please email us – rvivr@rumbletowne.com

We don’t want to involve the cops, just to get our stuff back. Thanks.

About rvivr

Olympia, WA Punk Rock.
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