CeCe McDonald


This woman needs attention, intention and advocacy aimed in her direction.

Please read about her situation and know that this is NOT RARE:

Transwomen (especially Transwomen of Color!) experience some of the nastiest marginalization in our USA culture. CeCe’s fate is in the hands of an ignorant, repressive judicial system and the more attention she gets, the BETTER.

CeCe McDonald (who is a transwoman of color) is facing murder charges for her act of self-defense, with a pair of sewing scissors, against a group of white men who used racial/homophobic slurs and then physically attacked her.
This case has gotten SOME media attention, but NOT ENOUGH.

Her trial begins next week.





20 minute program about the existence of our Transgender population, Trans politics today, and what it means to live outside the binaries of ‘F’ & ‘M’ in a culture that’s not yet acknowledging gender variance:


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