Ok People:

We are looking for a bass player.
We want a Woman who:

– Likes/loves RVIVR
– Lives in or will move to Olympia
– Can play bass or guitar and/or is willing to learn how to play tight and fast
– Wants to be in a band that practices regularly and will go on several tours a year of varying length

please send an email to RVIVR@rumbletowne.com if yer interested
yo xo

About rvivr

Olympia, WA Punk Rock.
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1 Response to Ok People:

  1. Tarcisio says:

    Good luck on this search!

    And talking about it, maybe you will like to read what people are saying about RVIVR in real time: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=RVIVR

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