I got some things to annouce:
1. SOOOOON we will FINALLY have more t-shirts.
We put in an order with Defiance Screenprinting in Tacoma and it’ll be a couple weeks but they’re coming.

2. There’s a super secret surprise on The Joester Collection 12″ that we’re finishing right now.
It will be the first two 7″s, the Dirty Water EP and a bonus track with other good shit.

3. We’re mapping out our tours/shows for the next months and we’re gonna be a little West and a little East and a little North in to Canada. Plus it looks like Jan’s gonna have us back in Europe in the Fall which is too exciting.

4. Here’s a funny video: http://www.ifyoumakeit.com/video/rvivr/real-mean/

peace out suckas

About rvivr

Olympia, WA Punk Rock.
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4 Responses to RVIVR

  1. Joe says:

    are you guys planning a show in montreal?

  2. We miss you too, Spiraltriiiibe!

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