Bicker & Breathe Preorders from THE FEST

Yea, if you didn’t get yours yet it’s cuz we’re STILL WAITING ON THE VINYL which was mailed in early November :((((( from Berlin and still hasn’t arrived. We’ve got inquiries out to the shipping companies and we are really sorry you’ve been left hanging for this long.

The pre-order was for a YoYo Records pressing of the Bicker & Breathe EP. If you are sick of waiting and don’t have a preference on the origin of your record (Europe v. US), we can mail you a Rumbletowne Records pressing. Just shoot us an email.

I leave on tour in a couple days (Kev & Mattie are already gone) so, depending on a variety of circumstances, a little more patience may be needed if we don’t sort your situation before that.

Rock on,

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Tour! Tour! Tour!

Hey we’re hitting the road again real soon with Propagandhi and War on Women!

We love driving!

12/27 — austin tx @ the mohawk w/ propagandhi & war on women!

12/28 — dallas, tx @ trees w/ propagandhi & war on women!

12/29 — houston, tx @ warehouse live w/ propagandhi & war on women!

12/30 — pensacola, fl @ vinyl music hall w/ propagandhi & war on women!

12/31 — gainesville, fl @ the wooly w/ propagandhi & war on women!

1/2 — orlando, fl @ the social w/ propagandhi & war on women!

1/3 — st. petersburg @ the state theater w/ propagandhi & war on women!

1/4 — New Orleans @ siberia – dolan fest! w/ patsy and crushed denim

1/6 — phoenix, az @ 51 west

1/7 — pomona, ca @ VLHS w/ toys that kill and benny the jet rodriguez!

1/8 — san diego, ca @ til two

1/9 — oakland, ca @ 1234, go!

1/10 — portland, or

1/11 — seattle, wa

1/12 — olympia, wa @ obsidian

see ya there!

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Seriously it’s two doors down from Obsidian…
(Obsidian tried really hard to be ready by tonight but it just wasn’t in the bounds of reality.)

Le Voyeur
404 E 4th Ave
Olympia, WA, 98501

Sharp 7:30 start, Sharp 10:00 cut off
All Ages

Rock on

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Bicker & Breathe 12″ EP Record Release (Rumbletowne/USA Pressing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is going on!?!?!
As if to make up for the lack of vinyl last weekend … (thanks to all who preordered!!) … the Rumbletowne Pressing of Bicker and Breathe is arriving FIVE WEEKS ahead of schedule!!


We’ll have copies at this show… which honestly may be our only show in the PNW for awhile :/
NOV 15, 2014 // OLYMPIA WA // Doors at 7:30
at OBSIDIAN (414 4th Ave — venue MAY change)
All Ages $5-$7 <– no one turned away for lack of funds


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No Bicker & Breathe Vinyl at Gainseville Fest :(

Well, the sad truth has been confirmed:

The vinyl wasn’t ready before we left Germany and we couldn’t find a Fest-Goer from Berlin to courier them to the USA, so…


but you CAN, at the aforementioned show, preorder a copy of this YoYo Records pressing which will be mailed to you in a week when the vinyl reaches Olympia.

Wow. That’s that.

This has nothing to do with the Rumbletowne Recs (Olympia) pressing which is looking like mid/late December. We just approved the test press.

Ok folks! Rock on!

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Wow. Shirts online.

Yes it’s true.
It’s a weird sparse inventory of leftovers from tours over the last year or so BUT you can get most/all your questions answered at this site and don’t have to wait for our slowasses to write you back:

As always, our shirts are sweatshop free. Zillions of thanks to Noah <3

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Updated Europe Tour 2014 DATES

FUCK YEA, WE’RE PACKING NOW !!!!???!?!??!!!

03 Oct – Hannover, Germany @ Indiego Glocksee
04 Oct – Erlangen, Germany @ Juz
05 Oct – Mannheim, Germany @ Juz
06 Oct – Köln, Germany @ Privat
07 Oct – Oostende, Belgium @ Jeugdhuis OHK
08 Oct – London, UK @ The Montague Arms
09 Oct – Bristol, UK @ The Stag and Hounds
10 Oct – Durham, UK @ Alington House
11 Oct – Leeds, UK @ Temple of Boom
12 Oct – Norwich, UK @ The Owl Sanctuary
14 Oct – Paris, France @ La Mécanique Ondulatoire
15 Oct – Marmande, France @ Buffet da la Gare
16 Oct – Madrid, Spain @ Rock Palace
17 Oct – Vidreres, Spain @ La Piscina
18 Oct – Badalona, Spain @ Estraperlo Club
19 Oct – Marseille, France @ La Machine à Coude
20 Oct – Milano, Italy @ Ligera
21 Oct – Graz, Austria @ Sub
22 Oct – Wien, Austria @ EKH
23 Oct – München, Germany @ Kafe Kult
24 Oct – Leisnig, Germany @ AJZ
25 Oct – Bielefeld, Germany @ AJZ
26 Oct – Hamburg, Germany @ Rote Flora
27 Oct – Berlin, Germany @ Bei Ruth



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